Wednesday, October 10, 2012


No, that's not a cleaner way to swear - although, that has possibilities.  I will need to practice. 

We had approximately 25 cu yards (or more) of finished compost made from yard waste, sheep, chicken, and horse manure and it was causing a water flow problem.  It's now mostly gone - distributed under bananas, around ti, around roses, and in layered in the garden, as well as mixed up in potting mix for the greenhouse.  Pretty exciting stuff!

I have so many sweet potato slips - I have planted them around the ti and in random spots where a pile got clumped.  I still have a large number to get in the ground.  Good think I love both sweet potatoes and their stir-fried leaves.   

We've been having the most dry days in a row we've had for an entire year.  It feels like the summer we really didn't have, at least up my house - which makes being at work a little harder than it usually is - I want to plant things!  Good thing I mostly love my job! 

On that note, one of my student's asked me if I missed school during break.  I had to answer, "Yes," although there was more to that answer - I also loved seeing my oldest child and my parents and getting on the horse, and getting the greenhouse cleaned out.  The student said, "I knew you missed it!" which makes me think I am doing a good job of transmitting some of my excitement about reading and writing to the kids - now if only it rubs off. 

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