Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sweet Potato Planting and Black Plastic Mulch

We've been giving the Things outings.  They get popped in the taro patch if we're working in the greenhouse or garden and are within direct line of sight, and they've been let out into the larger sheep pen from their little stall.  They're still too dumb - I mean, inexperienced - to find shade when it's hot, so they can't be left long.  I had to wet down Thing 2 and stick his nose in a bucket of water after just 15 minutes in the sun.

The Things' outings, plus the lovely weather, has inspired me to put in all the rest of the sweet potato slips and to put black plastic over the manured garden to kill some of the weed seeds that blew into our compost pile - and to keep both chickens and Mellie (who dearly loves to dig holes) out of the area.  Mr De put the coffee trees in bigger pots -they're too small to put directly in the ground and planted a few pot bound things we had hanging out at the side of the house - two gardenias and a rosemary.  I have always wanted gardenia right next to the house where the smell will waft up to our bedroom windows, and he so kindly obliged me.  That corner of the house takes the brunt of the trade wind rains, so maybe having some shrubbery will protect the house a bit.

The kids and I did some cleaning and now I am paying bills; we'll head to 6 pm Mass, where we'll see our moved-out son, and that will be the end of the weekend.  I was thinking it was Saturday, because basically, I slept yesterday- I was sicker than I thought, I guess - and I was wondering why everyone was driving on a Saturday morning, dressed like they were going to church while I was on my walk.  Then it dawned on me - uh, yeah, it's Sunday.  Well, that was fast.  


HeirloomRosaries said...

How about naming the poor little things. How about Cary and Grant?

NancyDe said...

As the flock gets bigger, it is harder to keep track of names. I have to write down which lambs came from which ewes as it is. This is a good thing, because someday, they will be food.