Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sunday Chores

It's the most amazing day outside, but I decided that, beyond hanging laundry, checking on lambs (and picking grass for mama), a little bit of work in the greenhouse, I need to do a lot of baking and clean floors. 

Currently rising in the kitchen are two pans of dill bread (made with dill seeds from my garden) and a big batch of cinnamon rolls.  My 14 year old complains we don't have food - what we don't have is microwavable, individually wrapped, preservative laden convenience food.  I figure if I put a bunch of cinnamon rolls and pancakes in the freezer, he will at least have something to grab without complaining. 

I also have a crock pot full of my own chicken with some vegetables from the Farmer's Market.  Unfortunately, my tender-hearted youngest saw the hen and knew it was ours - so it will be tough getting her to eat it.  I wish I'd been able to sneak it by her. 

If I get done with the baking, pancake making, and floors, I might pull Gibby out again.  We are going to the 6 pm Mass tonight, though, which is a good 40 minute drive away, so it will depend on the timing.   I would love to go for a long, not so fast walk today, but that will be a timing issue as well.  My left foot has a bit of swelling over the metatarsals, although it isn't really sore.  I did feel minor soreness while running.  I think maybe I had my shoes laced too tightly.  I have funky, high arches, so I have to take a long time to up my mileage or my speed. 

Basically, that's my Sunday.  What did you folks do?

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