Friday, October 19, 2012

Lamb Update

I had a moment yesterday morning when I was worried about Thing 1.  He was not terribly hungry and seemed shivery - but only after he'd eaten.  But last night, they both ate very well and they were bouncy and playful early this morning. 

I have to give a lot of credit to my husband, who has gotten really good at feeding without all the undue spilling and waste of formula that seems to accompany my feeding efforts.  He figured out which of the Spring lambs would do best as companions to the babies and made a soft warm place for them (although Oreo, one of Ellie's triplets, kept trying to usurp the place - that turned out okay, because she seems to be taking a shine to the Things and that will give them someone to cuddle with).  It's good for her, too, because she has always been a bit standoffish with the flock and the only one she'd sleep near was Audrey. Maybe the Things smell a little like her? 

My son has a big race today - the district championships.  I really wish I could go with the team, but I have an important meeting after work.  He's really gotten stronger in the last couple of weeks.  His last mile time was 5:49 and he said he didn't even feel tired.  That's a good thing, because the freshman five mile run is coming up in a few weeks and if he sticks with his goal of beating his older brother's everything over the next few years, he'll need to place in the top 3 for the boys.  Good luck, because this class has some speedy kāne.  In fact, I have a strong hope the team will be the first to qualify for the State meet as a team - that won't affect my son, but it still would be cool - 16 or so of them came in under 19 minutes for their last 3 mile time trial.  I wish I could run that fast.  I really do.  Only God knows why I wish that, at my age, and never having been particularly fast - but I do.  It would be amazing. 

My seedlings are coming up in the greenhouse - I will need to really go out and water tonight - I just realized I haven't been out there since Audrey went down.  Uh oh.  So many things to remember all the time. 

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