Friday, October 12, 2012

Lots of Work Going On While I Am At Work

 Sorry - this is the old camera, but my husband took lots of pictures of the work he's been doing around the place while I am teaching.....  He made this temporary corridor to get the sheep from the pasture to the kalo patch - and he layered lots of compost on my garden. 
 Play barn and garden. 
 Play barn again. 
 Better picture of all that lovely compost! 

 This is the pasture side of the barn and satellite dish turned coop - it's a drainage problem.  A few days with sun and he can dig it out and improve the drainage.  I hope it works! 

From the front of the barn. 
 Audrey and the new babies. 
 New driveway into the pasture!
 Gibby!  Nice to see him curious instead of panicking. 
 Muddy mess being transformed. 

 Even though it's blurry, I like this picture of GIbby. 

Audrey and ?  and ?  - any suggestions for names.  
 The gang's all here. 
 Where's my food? 
 Fence again. 
The papaya is bearing more fruit.  Yum! 


tami said...

It's nice to see some of your homestead! Thanks for the pics!

Daphne said...

I love these pictures! Seems so different that when I last visited. Gibby is such a beautiful horse and of course I love lamb pictures!

NancyDe said...

Thanks, Tami.

Daph, we've done a lot. I wish you could come visit again (or that I could come to you!). I miss you!