Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Canning - Possibly Failure


I spent a really long day making a gigantic pot of beef stew and canning it in 7 quart jars.  There was more - that went in the fridge because it wouldn't fit in the pressure canner.  I bought some kind of generic canning jars from the store with generic lids.  The store was out of my usual brand and this is all they had. 

I am really concerned about how the lids looked when I took them out of the canner.  They don't look as buckled as others I see in a quick internet search, but they don't look right.  I swear I do not want to re-process or freeze nearly 2 gallons of beef stew!  I hear them snapping closed in the kitchen as I type, but aaargh.  This is frustrating. 

If you've ever canned stew, you know what a process this was - cutting the meat and vegetables (12 cups of diced potato, 8 cups of carrots, 3 cups of celery, 3 cups of onion - a big pot full of vegetables).  You have to process the quart jars for 90 minutes - but the getting up to pressure and then venting pressure just takes a LOT longer than that.  

Oh, well, chalk it up to experience.  Tomorrow I am going to try to can some pinto beans instead of pressure cooking them and freezing them as I usually do.  I hope that isn't a big mess, too! 

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