Tuesday, March 19, 2013

They Will Find It - Or Why You Need Poultry Netting

So, I thought I would be sneaky and just dig a small bed in the outside garden.  I figured, if it was small and in a bare patch of dirt, the chickens wouldn't find it.

I was wrong, of course.  I turned over some of the ground and made a seed bed, and then planted some various greens and beets.  I had hoped the chickens wouldn't notice, because the ground was so bare there after we pulled up the plastic.  Of course they did;  I can see where they scratched up all my seeds.  It's kind of amazing how they can find all those little black seeds in all that black dirt, isn't it? 

I am definitely going to have to pick up another roll of 2 ft X 50 poultry netting when I head into town for feed and milk.  My husband and I took the long drive to Kona yesterday and I picked up some seeds: radish, turnips, Scarlet Nantes carrots (just finished my old pack and want more carrots), and poblano peppers. I wanted to get some kale and celery, but forgot.  My weekly routine has me going in a very small radius - work, home, once a week to the feed store and grocery - so even though the Kona Home Depot guaranteed has the same seeds as the Hilo Home Depot, somehow it felt like an adventure buying them there.  Sigh, I need to get a life. 

There is very little sun, but, on the other hand, there hasn't been much rain, either.  It's just gloomy, basically.  A bit voggy, a lot overcast, and dark enough to need lights during the day in lots of parts of the house.  Although it is a little bit depressing, it isn't stopping me from running outside or doing the gardening.  The chicken factor is a bit of a bummer - but once I get another roll or two of wire, I should be able to get out there and get some more seeds in. 

Tomorrow, after the trip to town, I am planning to do some cooking and canning:  lemon marmalade, beef broth, pinto beans, and, hopefully, beef stew.  It's track season, which means coming home late after practices, which means I need "fast food" in jars in the pantry. 


Ruth Dixon said...

Our hens don't free range, but unfortunately the neighbor's hens do. Which means that my flower beds are constantly under attack! I don't mind having to deer fence my outside of the garden vegie beds, but having to do my herb beds is just frustrating! And yep, getting a life sounds good. My big excitement last week? Bagging up loose hay for free at the local feed store. I got 5 large bags of grassy alfalfa mix and I was so excited I bragged on facebook. Doesn't take much some days.

NancyDe said...

You know, Ruth, free hay would make my day, too - maybe my whole month.