Saturday, March 23, 2013

Preparing for Pens

We headed into town to hit the feed and fence store.  We bought an awful lot of poles (50 -7 foot, 3-4 inch, smaller wood poles), 60 t-posts, and the last of the drought relief alfalfa cubes and a couple of four foot tube gates.  We've planned out how to spend the tax refund and a recent contract my husband finished to improve the farm - and the first order of business is to separate those rams out and make a bigger and better ewe and lamb pen.  I think we probably need fewer poles than we bought, but they are useful for all kinds of other projects, too - like the housing and pasturing for 50 hens, which is project number two. 

We ended up calling our son to bring his car down to help us haul home the order - we figured he could go to church with us up here (we bounce between two parishes, depending on our schedules) on his way down.   We forgot to get our fence clips, and my husband says it's my fault - because I was talking story with the guy who was loading our stuff.  What he doesn't get is that I go there every week and talking story is part of the deal!  You have to keep those relationships up and not be in such a hurry all the time.  I called the store and they said they already noticed that I didn't get the clips and they put them on the side for me.  See - this is the reason you talk story.  They know my name, they put the stuff on the side (and maybe the guy will drive it up here anyway - since he lives down the road, though I'd never ask...) 

I have got to run to church now, but I've got some great pictures of our huakaʻi to Green Sands beach - I will post them when everyone and their aunty Sally isn't on the internet, hogging the bandwidth.  I hate rural's about the only thing I hate about rural living - that and being so far from my parents. 

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