Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring Break (Pics)

Snapshots of my week off.  First, our one day of fun away from home:  

 Green Sands Beach - looking out toward the ocean. 
 Longer view from my perch. 

This hill is a lot steeper than it looks in the pictures. A very unique beach.  You can see my kids as specks at the top.  
 It's quite a hike or four-wheel drive into the beach - this is from the road. 
 Cliffs to the right of South Point, the southern-most point of the United States. 
 Dramatic Cliffs at Green Sands. 
 This is a fissure that opens to the water at South Point. 
 Close-up view of the neighbor's kids playing up on that steep beach hill.
 This is on the drive down - thought you might like to look at macadamia nut trees. 
 Pahoehoe lava. 
 I love this view, but the camera doesn't do it justice - Mauna Loa in the background and a ranch in the foreground. 
 More of the view. 
 On our drive we pass through the Volcano National Park. 
 South Point fishing platform.  It's a bigger drop than it looks.  Some people jump, but I keep thinking about how there is nothing but ocean for thousands of miles from this point - and the current at the point of an island is pretty strong. 
 Green Sands from the top, before you hike down. 
Windmills as viewed from South Point. 

Now for projects around the house:

 Canned goods:  Beef stew, turkey and salsa (although the latter two were from earlier projects)
 Papaya tree is full of papaya! 
 Almost done pulling the parts out of the oldest Volvo (background).  When we're pau with that, the car is going to scrap (hopefully this week), then it's fix up the newer Volvo and figure out what to do with our son's broken Merc.  (Put a Volvo engine in it? hmmm.....) 
 Canned pinto beans. 

This will be the ewe and lamb paddock soon.  Lots of good grass. 

 Lots of posts for expanded chicken fencing and ram pen. 
Not even half the t-poles we need - but that was all we had room for in the car...

So, that was it - one fun day and a bunch of useful projects.  We're getting there. 


Daphne said...

Great pictures Nancy! The beaches on the Big Island are so beautiful and unique. While the landscapes along some of the beaches here on the East Coast can be beautiful, they pale in comparison to those on the islands. That is one of the things I miss the most...that and eating warm papayas and mangoes picked ripe from the trees. I need to get back there sometime soon!

NancyDe said...

You know you have a place to stay :). Next year is our reunion again - hard to believe isn't it? I was hoping we could get all of the girls together - you should all come to my house! Or if we go to Oahu, you can stay at my mom's with me!