Thursday, March 21, 2013

More Canning and Freezing

Those giant cans of tomato sauce at Costco are under $3 - but it is a lot of tomato sauce.  You aren't supposed to can sauce from already canned tomato sauce, so I just froze batches of the spaghetti sauce I made last night.  All but 2 of those weird generic lids on the beef stew did seal okay - two of them feel sealed but look funky, so I am throwing those in the freezer, too. 

This morning, I am canning some pinto beans.  The jars are in the canner right now, and I dearly hope they work out.  I usually cook them in the pressure cooker and freeze them, but then there's that extra step of defrosting them.  I was hoping that I could get "fast food" put up during this break, but it's been a little stressful - probably because I am trying to do too much (hang laundry, do scholarships, manage these extra kids that showed up yesterday when their dad came to help with the dismantling of the junker Volvo - long story, but the kids are wild and demanding). 

I just wish I were better at this stuff. 

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