Saturday, October 26, 2013

Advantages of Living on a Volcano

Apparently, the sulfur-y rain eventually gets rid of powdery mildew.  Who knew?  I didn't even have to spray after this last period of south (voggy) winds, my collard greens are mildew free.  Good thing I didn't rip them out. 

My olive trees seem to have liked this summer and fall - they just grew a ton.  A year or so ago, the sheep ate them up - call it a drastic prune.  No baby olives, but maybe next year. 

I got an extremely rough draft of one of my entries for National Board done, cleaned all the bathrooms, started the pizza dough rising, and got some laundry folded.  I just have to pay a few bills and make the pizza, and I will actually have accomplished everything on my list today.  That's amazing.  I must have made a manageable list, instead of my usual, "You're dreaming, honey!" list. 

After my walk/jog with my son, I got a call from the older woman  up the road about walking.  Thunder had rolled in, so I set a time to walk with her tomorrow.  She only walks a mile, so I figure I'll walk to her house, walk with her for her mile and then go back and finish  my walk, which will be cool, because it will be 7 miles instead of 6.  I really ought to finish cleaning the basement for the kids' party next week.  My son asked if I could just not do it and let he and his sister do the job - I think he thinks I am annoying (right on schedule, he's 15) and would rather not hear me barking orders.  I said that would be fine, but I am going in if it isn't done tomorrow, because I have a work thing to do next Saturday morning, and there isn't any way I am cleaning after work any day this week.  Not with my 12+ hour days. 

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