Saturday, October 26, 2013

Nice Kid, My Son

My son decided he would go on a run with me.  Since I mostly walk (even after 18 months of fairly dedicated exercising), this is usually a euphemism for "I run ahead and you do your best."  He did run ahead, but then he waited at the top of the road.  And then he walked or ran at my slow pace all the way back down.  I thought that was pretty nice. 

He's been a bit sad this week because his sister made it to the State Meet, but he did not - by just a second.  He told me last week that he didn't want to feel like this again, so he was going to run all year.  I told our older son that and his reply was, "We all feel that way, but then you get over it and you don't run."  We'll see. 

My daughter did well at the meet, but of course, at that level, all the girls are running fast, so she didn't place that high over all, but the team did well in their division.  And so, another XC season is now over except for the after party (at my house, next week, for 60 runners or so and their families - yikes!) 

It's almost November, which is NaNoWriMo.  I have to admit I started my book last November, and I have never yet been able to keep up with it the whole month of November.  Sigh.  I told one of my students the basic plot premise and he (like my son) said, "Oh, that's cool.  You should finish it."  One thing about teaching is that you really know what 15 year olds like.  Maybe some day, this story will see the light of day. 

Right now, though, I really need to clean the house for that massive onslaught of teens,  and I need to grade, and I need to finish Entry 4 for National Boards.  Oh, and laundry, of course....And most imperatively, repair some fencing up in the front so I can let the horse out up front to eat that California grass that is growing so tall. 

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