Friday, October 4, 2013

Fall Break

Today is the last day of school for a week! (Trumpets are sounding)

But then comes the drums, as I realize that, in spite of there being no school for a week, I have to be here EVERY DAY next week.  Between two different sets of Cross Country practices and two concession stand fund raisers (one for each team)... On the bright side, I will seriously be ready for next quarter.  For two days, I won't even be able to come into my room, because they are painting so it means planning in the car. 

I decided yesterday to flip the quarter around to match the history teacher's schedule.  I was going to do To Kill a Mockingbird first and then The Great Gatsby, but he's doing the 20s and then the 30s (yeah, makes sense for a history teacher).  I find Gatsby horribly depressing, and we just finished The Crucible, another big downer, so I was hoping to pop Mockingbird in there for a little more hope.  Why is so much of canonical American Literature so darned depressing? 

With this in mind, I have had to scale back my usual overly ambitious break time To Do List.  Mostly, I want to dig up the sweet potato patch - or at least part of it and see if there are any potatoes.  Also, I'd like to plant some broccoli and some Brussels sprouts.  Oh, and clean things like cupboards.  Even those few things feel ambitious since I have been battling a sore throat sinus-y thing for a month and my niece is getting married next weekend.  She has her shower this weekend, too - which seems a little cramped in timing - but that's probably me being mad that I felt responsible enough to work both late shifts for the concessions (past my old-lady bedtime!) and just feeling tired all around. 

It's only the 1st Quarter and I am already as worn out as I am during 3rd Quarter.  I don't even know why, except maybe I started these new programs and as much as I like new things, change wears me out. 

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