Friday, November 22, 2013

ʻAha Makahiki (Hawaiian New Years)

Today is our ʻAha Makahiki.  Traditionally it was months long, but one day is hard enough in a school year!  It's a pretty cool day.  The seniors are the alakaʻi (leaders) and they are running traditional Hawaiian games and teaching classes on traditional knowledge.  I signed up for an all day workshop to make poi pounders. Part of the attraction was the "all day" part - the rest of it is because my father-in-law used to make poi pounders and I have been missing him. 

I was freaking out a little, hoping there would be another teacher in that session, because the mom in me would be pulling the plug on power tools a lot faster than the teacher in me - but I think we're using traditional methods (rock on rock).  They can go ahead and bash their fingers to their hearts content.  I feel fine about that.  The game I am supervising is also low-injury - sliding spears along the ground.  Also, there is no one signed up for it, so theoretically, at least, I can go watch Haka Moa or Hukihuki, which is a lot more fun. 

I still haven't completely recovered from the two day stint in Maui.  I am so tired!  I have been getting up at 4:30 to exercise a little, as well, and I probably haven't adjusted to that yet, either. 

This weekend,  I was going to dig up one of our sweet potato patches to see if any tubers grew, but then the Dish guy gave us a bunch.  Cool.  I can make my purple sweet potato and haupia casserole for Thanksgiving.  Maybe I will dig up some of my white sweet potatoes, just to have baked sweet potatoes on the table, too.  I'll make the greens for a side, bake some rolls, and pop that (sadly not homegrown) turkey in the oven, bake a few pies, and I will be ready. 

Okay, one of my advisory girls just gave me a donut, I had an extra cup of coffee - I am ready for this day!  Bring on the ike Hawaiʻi and the kalua pig and poi for lunch! 

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