Monday, November 11, 2013

Cold and Rainy Day

As usual, I have all kinds of chores and work I could be doing, but it is a holiday and our anniversary, so I am searching the internet for some new recipe to make.  We went out to dinner last night because our daughter had a party to attend and we had to figure out what to do with four hours in town.  We went to the cheap theater and watched a mediocre movie, had a spectacular dinner, got caught in a torrential downpour, and picked her up just on time. 

We were meant to be going to the beach with our nieces and nephew-in-law, but the weather deteriorated, so no go.  Too bad - I don't get to the beach often enough, at all. 

I am kind of thinking some kind of stew since we have rice in the rice pot, maybe some kind of bread, and some kind of spice cookie or cake. 

I got three free turkeys from the grocery store with the points I had racked up.  One will be Thanksgiving, and probably one for Christmas (or for my son's birthday which is soon after that - he used to like having the whole turkey dinner for his birthday, which meant we had beef for Christmas).  One will be just cooked and canned up as broth and meat for quick soups during the year. 

We moved a few sheep into the new fenced area.  They aren't terribly happy to be separated from the main flock, and they aren't really the ones we wanted to put in there (well, not entirely), but it's a start.  We're simply not that good at moving sheep around.  We picked up the smaller ewes, lured one ewe and Elvis with food, and my husband nearly killed himself carrying Ellie (who must weigh 100+ lbs).  Now we have to move Elvis out of there and move some more ewes in.  We'd thought to put the rams and wethers in the new spot, but it isn't a tall fence, so we'd thought to put the ewes in.  The stall is built like a bunker (even painted gray for now) and we can hear and see them so easily from the house.  Perfect for expecting/new moms. 

Next big project is the chicken coop for an expanded flock, and then, hopefully, a bigger greenhouse.  Everything takes so much longer than you hope, especially when you have active teenagers and a job that takes you off the property 12-13 hours a day.  One step at a time, I suppose. 


Daphne said...

I was thinking of you earlier today my friend. Happy Anniversary to you both!

NancyDe said...

Thanks, Daph, I have been thinking of you, too. I didn't do any of those thing - my husband wanted to go look at manure carts (my wish list for Christmas!) I think he just wanted to make sure I didn't spend the day in the kitchen.