Sunday, November 17, 2013

Dogs and Planes and Darn-its

I am on Maui for work.  It'd be nice to say I am on Maui for the beach, but nope, heading up mauka tomorrow for an all day meeting, and again the next day.  Then the stupid flight away from home to Oahu and then back OVER Maui to go to Hilo.  Apparently, people like to fly direct to Maui from the Big Island, but no one wants to go the other way?  Or, at least, not to Hilo. 

That means, technically, I will be "working" from 3 o'clock today until late Tuesday evening.  And then I go back to work on Wednesday - that's why I like it when these things are at the end of the week a lot more.  This week is Makahiki, too, which means a fun but exhausting day on Friday.  Hey, I signed up for an all day nohona session on how to make a poi pounder.  Completely not my strength, but I am interested.  I even practiced the hula to do en masse with the school.  I am ready. 

My big darn it is that I forgot my splint for my teeth - I wear it at night because I am a stress puppy.  I am going to have headaches for days because I forgot that little thing.  I am so upset with myself. 

Also, the dogs are starting to chase the sheep now that they are in the small pasture close to the house.  I caught them yesterday evening.  I went out with my flashlight and scolded them roundly (and we tied them up!) and made sure the ewes were okay.  Thankfully, they were. 

My husband told me that he heard them running on the deck and caught them heading out to the pasture.  Yup, he tied them up again.  Darn dogs. 

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