Sunday, November 24, 2013

Lazy Sunday

My older son told me his friend says, "Sometimes you have to get your procrastinating out the way before you can work."  I guess that's what I am doing today. 

I had a nice visit with my son.  He comes up to church with us and then drives me home while his younger siblings and dad are in Confirmation class (my husband is teaching it, not taking it!).  I cook him something (biscuits and bacon and cheese today - the hens are really down in production so no eggs for pancakes), and we have a good talk.  Then he works on programming with his little brother (who is taller than him).  It's nice. 

I wanted to go to Ha'ena with the kids, but my younger son hurt his knee playing soccer yesterday.  The 10th graders have a biathlon on Wednesday - 3 mile run and a 10 mile bike - hope he can participate!  You can add me to the injured list, too, although I can't claim anything cool happening.  I just woke up in pain in my shoulder/neck/upper arm.  No fun. 

I am a tiny bit stressed that my free turkeys are all 15 lbs.  We're nine for Thanksgiving, so I might have to think of something else to throw in the oven.  I don't want to cook two turkeys - that would be too much, but 15 seems too little. 

I want to post the pictures of the pohaku kuʻi ai (poi pounder) workshop.  We didn't finish, but it was SO FUN!  You take a rather large rock and use a diamond bladed circular saw and a chisel and work away at it.  The old was is to use rock on rock, but that takes quite a lot of time.  I told my husband we so need to make a few of these.  It was just fun to take a rock and see the shape starting to form - plus, we need a poi pounder.  I use my food grinder to make poi, but it would be good to have a pounder, too.  Of course, then I need to make a poi board, too. 

Well, when it is a less lazy day, I will post the pictures.

Getting closer to our first winter lambing.  Allie looks like she's due quite soon - hopefully multiples, because she's huge and a singleton of that size would be monstrous! 

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