Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Best Thing About Hotels

The best thing about hotels is the fitness room on the first floor - right downstairs, no excuses. 

Oh wait, I have an elliptical and a weight machine in my basement...okay, no excuses.  Except that to use it I have to get up on the wrong side of 5:00, where as business meetings often start later than work (not today, though) and I don't have to take care of kids' breakfasts.  And, the elliptical with the tv and the smooth stride thingy is better than my cheap-y one from Sears. 

Can't complain, though, and I WILL get up tomorrow at 4:30 to use it.  I am usually up anyway - just lying there thinking about my day.  I might as well just get up and move.  It's been harder to go make myself work out after work - there is a lot to do with National Board and my classes.  That's why I need to break my work out in two - one in the morning and one in the afternoon.  They can both be shorter.

Last night, I had the most fabulous evening.  Right after work I went to Ross with a coworker.  My bag totally disintegrated over the course of the day (it was an old one I pulled out of the closet after my nice bag's straps broke - I was holding them together with tape.  Not a nice look for travel.)  I bought a new one and then went back to the hotel.  I was a little bummed everyone went to dinner without me (my coworker had plans with a friend).  Then I realized, "I am ALONE! It's QUIET!)

I decided not to work out, but instead piddled around on my computer and chatting with my kids - I was checking on homework for the school aged ones, and having a delightful chat with my oldest, so I decided to add my son on, too.  It was a lot of fun, and the hotel restaurant had a really nice turkey reuben with cut veggies and coleslaw.  I feel so relaxed.

Off to work now, though, and then the marathon trip home.  Well, as marathon as interisland can be.  

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