Tuesday, November 5, 2013

What Fun!

I have to admit that I broke the rules today - my own rules for my own self.  I saw the blinking light green light on my phone during Sustained Silent Reading today and I couldn't resist clicking it open to see what it was.  My son is visiting a friend on the mainland, so I just checked just in case. 

It wasn't an emergency, though.  It was (I think - hard to tell in a text) delight!  "It's snowing!"  he texted.  My first reply was, "Do you have warm clothes?" and my second was, "How cool!"  Mom, first, I guess.  My younger son is actually in my SSR class, so I wanted to just tell him, "Wow!  Your brother says it's snowing!"  I forbore, however, because I just settled a bunch of adolescents who at least pretend they hate reading (a few do hate it, but most of them are saying it because it's popular, but I see how deep they get into their books).  

My other fun part of today was explaining the word "impeccable."  I told them this is one word I remember clearly and specifically when I learned it.  I had "cleaned" the basement because my uncle was visiting by putting all the toys in a big pile and covering the pile with a blanket.  The pile must have been as big as I was at the time.  My uncle said that the basement looked "impeccable" when I proudly showed him what I had done.  It took me another few years to realize that he was laughing (with) at me. 

On Saturday, we had the Cross Country gathering at our house.  A few parents, several coaches and volunteer coaches and roughly 40 kids packed into my house.  It was potluck and the table was groaning with goodies.  It was a lot of fun:  Foosball, air hockey, bonfire, football, singing....  I was so tired and headachy the next day that I did pretty much nothing, but it was worth it.

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