Saturday, September 10, 2011

Absolutely Tired....

It was a big Cross Country day - the big Invitational race at our school with six or seven visiting teams, which meant a big potluck and pool party.  Along with a couple of other "team moms", I emailed incessantly and today I felt a little superfluous.  There were plenty of course marshalls, chute workes, and far too much food.  I am proud of my son, who had his personal record today, kept his top three spot on the team and made his personal goal of being in the top 20 in the Hawaii runners.  He didn't make his personal goal for beating all the mainland girls (time wise), but for our new relationship of 17 year old and mom-who-is-not-allowed-to-be-proud that just gives me something safe to talk about.  The kids they bring from the mainland, particularly the California teams are FAST.  This year, actually, they weren't superhuman, but one team still pretty much swept all the awards.  We're still talking about the Dana Hills kids from three-four years ago - I am sure many of those runners went on to be top college athletes.  They had one girl who finished the three mile course in just over 16 minutes - on our course, that is amazingly fast. 

At least this year, we didn't have ambulances carting kids off - I was worried because it was hot, and many of the mainland kids aren't used to our humidity. 

My husband cleared a spot for a new greenhouse on the side of the house.  It's a big muddy mess right now, like anything we clear at first.  It reminds me of the sea of mud when we first moved here.  I am trying to write down some of our experiences in the beginning when we had no real running water and were living in the small cabin.  I write a little every day, because I don't think my older kids remember much and our younger kids remember almost nothing of what it took to get where we are now.  Even I forget sometimes, when I want things to go faster or smoother.

I am actually feeling a bit down, in spite of things going so well today - leftover feeling from wearing too many hats and feeling only middling good at any of them, I suppose.

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