Friday, September 2, 2011

Sweetpea has a Lot of Personality

I came home the other day to find Sweetpea standing on Sammy's back - sort of pawing at him.  He was absolutely unbothered, so it almost looked like she was giving him a massage.  She still finds chasing chickens quite amusing, but she is learning about the wider world of the pasture. 

My husband and daughter rigged up a run line that pretty much gives one dog the same range he/she used on a daily basis - from the front lanai to the big tree where they love to lie down.  We found if we tied up one dog, the other one doesn't chase sheep alone, so the old dog (ie the "instigator") may be able to stay at home. 

I had to discontinue the penicillin because Sammy was getting scours, and have resumed hand cleaning the draining wound.  He looks much happier than he did last week. 

Tomorrow is a race out in Waimea, which is so pretty.  The air is so crisp and it is just nice to see a different part of our island.  I tend to make this shuttle run up and down the same road, with a once or twice a week detour into Hilo town proper, and so it is nice to get out and drive up to the northern end of the Big Island.  Waimea is an old cattle ranching town, full of history.  The race is challenging with a rather long run up a steep hill, but there are lots of places the spectators can see the kids running through.  Some cross country courses have the kids running off and away from the spectators.  (I know my daughter preferred it like that - she could walk at times! She was more of a social runner. My son is more serious). 

I attended a conference today on using technology in the classroom.  My son was invited to be on a student panel.  I was amused because the facilitator was really trying to elicit from the panel that their teachers needed to use more tech, but even though my son is quite an amazing programmer, he really prefers to have the teacher facilitate discussions more than anything else.  I was also amused because my son is no better at using a microphone than I am.... I had better learn, though, to become more comfortable....I think it will increasingly become part of my job.

"Business" is booming at work - I have had several teachers ask for help with tweaking reading assignments and one direct request for aid for some kids.  The administrators told me not to overload myself, because they are hoping I will be designing more program-wide stuff.  I think the fear was that if I got too involved at the direct service level and then pull back later - it wouldn't be so good.  I can see their point, but it is so hard for me to see a kid needing help, or hear about a kid needing help, and not just jump in!  On the other hand, I really want to look into creating an online writing lab...and there is a learning curve for the software and platform for me, not to mention just writing all the curriculum for it....

Another project I thought might be a good idea is to write a few of the "Hapless Stories", as well. We had quite a colorful start here on the Big Island - starting in a tent, having no real running water for a good long time, living in the cabin for 6 years....lots of stories.  I thought I should write them down for the kids, who were so small while it was all happening, and might not quite appreciate how far we've come as much as they could. 

So with all of these things on top of the gardening, sheep and horse tending, and wife- and - mothering, I am grateful to say my plate if full. 

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