Thursday, September 15, 2011

Running Around

This is a different running around then the last few  years - when running around meant driving up to 120 miles in a day (up and down, like a shuttlecock, along the Highway between home and Hilo).  Today, I have seen more of the campus than I have since my first day and my grand tour. 

I taught my own class (it was a blast today - the book we're reading together sparked a far-ranging discussion on religion, gender roles, and expectations - awesome stuff), worked with more 12th graders on thesis statements, tutored a sophomore during lunch, helped at the study hall (more thesis statements - must be zeitgeist), and I have about a half an hour before heading over to talk to more Seniors about thesis statements. 

I would be having even more fun if I were not feeling as if I were on the edge of catching a chest cold.  Just have that slightly removed feeling - as if the virus were putting a lag time between the world and my experience.  Of course, that could also be because I had about 5 and a bit hours of sleep, too....It was worth it.  I went to dinner with some dear friends (former co-workers) and stayed out too late.  We had Japanese food, very delicious. 

I confess that with four and half hours left until I can go home - I am pooped, done, all tuckered out.  Too bad it isn't Friday. 

Last night, before going out, I visited with the sheep.  Since my husband has pretty much taken over the weekday feeding schedule, when I go out all they are looking for is affection.  The horses are still eating, usually, because horses take a good hour or more to eat their meal, but the sheep are done and the pushiness is for the scratches under the chin.  A few of the ewes are quite insistent, but some of them, I have to woo - sneak up on them and remind them it feels good to get scratched just at the right spot.  Their eyes glaze over and half close until someone pushes them out of the way for their turn, then there is the general discontent and loud baa-ing grumbles.  Last night I felt like I had 8 very large dogs instead of 8 normal sized sheep. 

I am wondering what to make for dinner... we don't have a lot of quick ingredients to hand tonight, and I am so tired and we get home rather late, so it should be something easy and relatively quick - has to be either chicken or omellettes at this point.  There is enough lettuce in the greenhouse for a salad and a few late tomatoes....throw a little rice in the rice pot, pour some Yoshida's sauce over some chicken and pop it in the oven.  Sounds good to me.  Chicken it is - the eggs can wait until another day.  (Oops, too much like, "Which came first: the chicken or the egg?" - getting silly, time to hele on). 

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