Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fall Break

Almost time for Fall Break.  I plan to work on the garden.  My husband scraped and tilled an aread next to where I had the potatoes this summer.  I wish I could put some potatoes in the new area, too - what a wonderful way to loosen up the clay we have here!

Sadly, though, my potatoes weren't prolific, although they were productive.  We had several meals worth of potatoes, but none left for seed.  I think that is because I really left them too long in the fridge and so didn't have as many to plant as I could have.  This is one of the problems with not having enough time - some things get wasted.

Anyway, I am planning on cabbages and cabbage-y things out there for the winter - broccoli, chard, etc.  I did buy a package of banana pepper seed for the greenhouse.  I would like to try to put up some pepperoncini - I love them on sandwiches.  I bought some mesclun, because my husband enjoys a salad now and again - it is always something that I should have growing.  We'll need to do some digging with garden forks to get underneath the tiller pan that happens when you run even a small garden tractor over heavy, wet clay soil.  He's already added a good amount of the compost from the barn pile, so that will be nice to dig in. 

I was feeling pretty strong and enthusiastic, unlike how I usually feel when a grading term comes rushing toward me, but I woke up tired today after having frustrating dreams (in retrospect, they were kind of funny, but when I was in the middle of them I was frustrated, tired, and angry - not a good way to spend your hours sleeping). Thank goodness there are only two more days until break!  Usually, I feel this way when I have 2 weeks left, which is not pleasant. 

Two more days, and then I am going to spend the next week alternating between deep cleaning, deep gardening, and create curriculum for next quarter - oh, and I hope to get a ride or two in there.  Pray for at least partly sunny for me.... Riding in the pouring rain is a fact of life in the rain forest, but it ins't that fun. 


Chicago Transplant said...

Hi NancyDe,

I envy you. I wish I were there to help. I'm counting down the days until I visit my folks on Maui and get to spend some time in the garden.

It's fall in Chicago and temperatures barely get above 70 degrees. Some of the leaves on the trees are just beginning to turn color.

I'll be hoping for some good gardening and riding weather for you. I trust things with the sheep are going better.

All Best Wishes!

NancyDe said...

Aloha e, CT, coming home for Christmas? Besides being down to six sheep from 12 - and having two still recovering - we're doing okay in the sheep department. It's actually around the same temperature up mauka at my house, to be honest. Down in Hilo, it is hotter. I am looking forward to not having to get up at 5 am the most. Or doing the 6:10 am scream up the stairs to the 13 year old to get up, get READY, it's TIME TO GO! for a week.

I would like to see trees turning colors. As you know, it's just green all the time over here.... especially with all our rain.