Saturday, September 17, 2011

Cloudy with a Few Spates of Rain

Basically, it is weather that makes me feel at home.  After 15 years living here, sunshine looks odd, although I enjoy it on the rare occasions it makes its appearance. 

When our nephew was here, he offered to help out the garden, "If it isn't raining," (he's from Texas).  I started giggling, which probably wasn't nice, but the thought of no rain out here in the rain forest was amusing. 

I harvested a very tiny few veggies today - snap beans, tomatoes, these little eggplants, and a couple of last potatoes.  The collards and brussels sprouts are starting to take off - they like the rain and we had some good hard rain days in the last week. The sweet potatoes look like they want to make leaves instead of roots, but the leaves are good in stir fry.  Maybe I need to plant them with less compost (nitrogen rich because of the horse manure) to encourage more rooting and less leaf generation.

I hung up a load of laundry.  I forgot how I like doing that.  It can be a drag when you know in our weather it is going to take 3 days to dry, but the smell of clean laundry, the rhythm of going from basket to line, and the imaginary sound of all the money I am saving here in the land of the highest per kilowatt cost in the US....blissful. 

My 17 year old is over on Oahu.  He ran his race this morning - 3 miles in 18:56.  It's his personal best and damned impressive, if you ask his proud mom.  I wish I could have been there.  His sister was there; she said he looks different and asked about her other siblings.  She has only been gone three months or so, but I guess things change.

I have some bathrooms to tend - and some animal shelters to clean, more laundry to wash and hang, and all the baking to do, and I sure hope to fit a ride in sometime this weekend.  Better get back to work! 


RAILBIRD said...

I watched the race also. He looked stronger and more determined on each lap. Seemed to be in complete control.

NancyDe said...

Sorry - didn't mean to leave out the other family spectators when I brought up the girl - it just struck me that she thought he looked different, because it just rubbed it in that they are all growing up and away - which is what they are supposed to do, but still makes me emotional.

The boy is a determined guy - so proud (even if he gets irritated when I get proud). Did you happen to catch where he was in relation to the other boys from his school? There're a few of them all vying for that power ranking spot and they are often right there at the finish with him. He said he wanted to stay a good 200 yds in front of them because the two closest have better kicks than him.

About the Manoa lettuce - lettuce grows this one long tap root which is about 1 1/2 times longer than the lettuce is tall. If you want to just eat it when the heads are tiny, then you can keep it in the 4 inch pots, just keep planting every couple weeks to make sure you have a continuous supply. That one would be easy to start from seed and move to the bigger pots when they have four leaves.

Thanks for going to the race - and giving me the updates. I am so aware that he only has a few more races and then it is over - high school is almost over. I wasn't ready for it with the oldest and I am not ready now.