Friday, September 16, 2011

Just a Quick Note

I feel like writing, so I will post a quick note.  Maybe this is the time I need a Twitter account.  Don't know if any of you is a big tweeter, but I just never thought my life was all that interesting.  ("Going out to feed the sheep." "Sheep were loud and annoying, but that food sure shut them up." "Time to cook dinner." - nope, just not that interesting in the minute by minute segment, and I rarely share opinions on anything juicy enough to care about.) 

Went to bed thinking of yet another graphic organizer for the 12th graders.  I sent it over in an email this morning and popped in at the last period to see how they did on them.  I could see where we might need to tweak it some more, so I pondered that and think I have an idea.  Hope I don't dream of graphic organizers - I did that this week, and the dreams were both stressful and boring, at the same time. 

My son is going to Oahu for a race - I wish I were going, too.  Not that I would at all like to go chaperone (the boys sleep in the wrestling room at an Oahu school and the girls sleep in a dance studio), but I would LOVE to go see my daughter and my parents and see my son run one of his last few cross country races....  Although I get hot, sweaty, and incredibly annoyed at the traffic when I am on Oahu, from a distance, it is still my home.  The Kailua of my memory is the best place in the world to live.  I don't understand how my husband doesn't miss it like I do - maybe it is because he spent the last three years living there part time and the realities of the traffic have sunk in for him. 

Oops, time to get the child/young man and take him to meet his team at the airport.  I am going to splurge on a storebought pizza for dinner tonight.  I much prefer my own, but I am not getting home until 7 or later tonight. 

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