Monday, September 12, 2011

Country Western Day

It's Spirit Week this week at school which this year means each day of the week has a different music genre theme.  Today is Country Western Day.  I wore my hat and my actual riding boots and casual pants I actually would ride in and which are NOT work clothes.  I feel good, but it's lunch - and I have this strong urge to go ride Crazy Horse.  I am enjoying the music drifting in the windows from the hula pā area. 

Tomorrow is Hip Hop/Rap day - kind of thinking I won't dress for that one - and I may go hide where I can't hear the music.... my biases are definitely showing.  I don't own anything that can count as "bling". 

Has anyone grown quinoa?  I am thinking about trying to grow either this grain or amaranth.  It might be too wet to grow either, but I would like to have some sort of grain from my own land.  ALthough we had some wheat grow as volunteers from not completely composted scratch feed, I don't think they did that well - so looking for something from a warmer climate. 

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Unknown said...

Nancy, if you get any suggestions on growing quinoa, let me know. I might actually want to try it, too!