Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Winning the Fight

Winning the fight for one of the sheep, anyway.  Two of the bite victims didn't make it, but I am winning the fight for Sammy.  He was getting anemic, so I wormed him and replenished the minerals, restarted him on a big dose of antibiotics - must have stopped too soon last time, and we hand carried water, grass, and feed mixed with electrolytes for the two worst days. 

Last night when I went out to feed, Sammy was up and fighting for his share.  He was quite interested in the new mineral block - trying to get it before I even unwrapped it.  It was a good thing to see. 

Sweetpea (little ewe lamb born on Friday now has a name) has been doing her best to learn to run and jump in the sheep pen - my husband reports that she is chasing any chickens who hop into the sheep pen.  The kumu who wanted me to name her "dog" pointed out that "peas" are still food - but, I replied, not for dogs! 

We have been tying up the dogs a lot more - not trusting that they won't dig under the horse fence that surrounds the sheep pen or wiggle under the bamboo and hot wire fence to the pasture.  We definitely have to think of a more permanent solution. 

It's almost time to pull some of the taro, and we can certainly harvest some of the lau (leaves) already.  Maybe I will makes some chicken luau this weekend - although the lau take a long time to cook and we have a busy weekend - my favorite (and the kids' hardest) Cross Country race and the church picnic are both coming up.  Maybe I will just load it all up into a crock pot one day. 

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