Sunday, August 7, 2011

Making Salsa

Decided to make the 8 oz jars instead of the pint jars this time.  I also decided to leave more seeds to give a little heat -then I used the Kitchen Aide to cut up the jalapenos in order to avoid the three days of burning hands I had last time - which meant I used ALL of the seeds.  The salsa is pretty spicy. 

I will get it just right sometime or other, I suppose. 

I have about 10 lbs of bananas that are getting over-ripe so the next project today is banana bread and lots of it, too.  It freezes well, though, so no problems there.  I secretly want to just get into bed and read a book as the first week or two of the new job has been exhausting.  So many things to learn: just systems stuff, like how to do your time card online and sign up for benefits and get supplies and furniture and things like that.  I still can't figure out who to ask and the purchasing system is new; at least that is the one area where I do know who to ask.  I haven't met her, yet, but I know how to get her by email!  Progress! 

Also, my office looks good, thanks to my daughter.  She helped shelve books and arrange things to look nice.  I still have three or four plastic bins of books that don't fit on shelves, but we kind of tucked them into corners.  I am going to finish up a tiny cross stitch today that I did this summer and find a few old school pictures of my kids and put a favorite old painting one of my boys' did in 2nd or 3rd grade in a frame, and then I will have a few little things to put up for visual interest.  I also want a plant stand to have a place to house that crawling plant - the other plants can stay on the desk. 

I'd better go check the progress on the canning hot water bath.  Just wanted to check in a bit today. 

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