Friday, August 26, 2011

And now the Silver Lining...

My little one just called me to tell me that Audrey had her lamb today while we were all out. 

I am getting so much better at telling when the big day is imminent. I told my husband, "Within a few days," day or two ago - he scoffed, but this time, anyway, I was right.  She looked right sunken around the hip bones this morning, but I was so busy with big gaping holes in sheep that I didn't pay a bit of attention.  Audrey is an awesome mom, and I knew there was only one, because she was not so rotund this time around, so I wasn't anticipating problems.  

And, Praise the Lord, it's a ewe lamb!  I need a name.  I can't even rush home and see her because it is Open House tonight and I have to stand up in front of adults.  I am so tired from my maggoty-dreams last night that I hope I don't say something really dumb.  My daughter says the lamb looks like the little ewe lamb that got overlain a few months ago.  Her name was Uila, which means lightning, but it is a very clear beautiful day today.  There was a soft rain earlier; maybe her name should be Ualani: heavenly rain - hopefully she is our luck turning. Good luck is actually "Pomaika'i", but I know too many kids who actually carry that name to use it on a sheep. 

I can say that even though some adults thought I was nuts to teach predicates and subjects, every single kid in all my classes got an A on the quiz.  That's good, because I am ready to move on to direct objects and if you can't find the verb, you can't find the direct object, that's for sure. 

I am feeling so bummed that it will be so late tonight when I get off work.  We really need more than a flashlight for barn lights! 


K-Koira said...

Some good news, awesome! You kind of needed a good pick-me-up. Hopefully this ewe lamb will be strong and healthy, and a great addition to your flock.

NancyDe said...

I am just hoping she is really a she - that someone turned her over to look. Once I thought a lamb was a ewe until I could turn him over. Actually, though, this line throws black boys and white girls - the reason I thought the ram lamb was a ewe was that he was black and white! Marybeth said this one looks like her two sisters from previous years, so crossing my fingers.

NancyDe said...

I just asked the kumu what I should name her. Kumu K said, "Dog" to keep the dogs from eating her. He was asking about sheep to keep his lawn down - I told him for the "dog" answer I would go ahead and give him Elvis. If his kids weren't small, I would do it, too. I am new to this school, but Kumu and I taught together years ago at another school :).