Thursday, August 11, 2011


I just started digging around the potato bed, just to see if there was anything edible.  I found the most beautiful little purple and red potatoes.  I had already planned to make cabbage, potatoes, and kielbasa, so I threw them in the pot.  They were SO good - so much better than anything that I have eaten from a store.  I even found one of the yellow variety growing eyes, so any of those I pick up will be replanted. 

I also picked quite a few long purple eggplants and green peppers and few tomatoes. I will need to make some sort of grilled veggie sandwich tomorrow night - or a stir fry or even a thai curry, actually.  I think I have some coconut milk in the cupboard. 

 The spiders, big huge ones, are taking over the greenhouse, so it makes my skin crawl to go in there - need to bring a broom and clean them out.  I know they are getting the bugs, though, so it is hard to get to mad - I am just afraid of spider bites in a big way, having had one once. 

I gave a few jars of my super hot salsa away.  The reaction has been, "Wow, it's good - but dang, it's hot.  I am eating one chip with salsa a day."  I actually don't think it is that hot - I have been eating it on beans every day for lunch, but I do also add cheese which tends to cool down the heat. 

It's been pouring off and on for days - I think the outer edge of the remnants of a hurricane/tropical storm are sweeping over us.  The windows at my new work are so big, it is actually entrancing to watch the rain pounding down.  My last job, the windows were both small and opaque, so I only knew if it was raining if the carpet got wet from the leaky walls, if the kids came in soaked, or if it was pounding so hard I could hear it. 

I am just glad the potatoes didn't rot under all that wet mulch!  This weekend, I am going to get some more! 

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