Sunday, August 21, 2011

Remnants of a Tropical Storm

are rolling by down south and bringing slightly sticky, slightly warmer weather with an increase of showers.  Well, it's an increase most places, looks kind of normal out here in the gloomy hinterlands.

I got to baking today - so that my visiting nephew and my husband have something to eat while the rest of us are at school.  I made 24 hamburger rolls, 36 cinnamon rolls, a few dozen chocolate chip cookies, a loaf of sandwich bread and am now making an enchilada casserole, since I am too lazy to roll enchiladas for real.

I pulled the peppers out and harvested all of them and planted tomatoes and cukes and watermelon in the vacant pots.  My husband planted the hibiscus we had rooting in a five gallon bucket of water into 7 gallon pots - just till we can figure out where the heck we want them.  They grow like crazy up here - can get up to 20-30 feet in the wet here - so it isn't an idle question.  I noticed that the kahili ginger I had rooting with them doesn't look so good - may have to take a hike up the road and find another one to pull out and bring home.  I have yellow ginger and this red variety, but I really like that kahili ginger.  I would like to get some edible pink shell ginger, too.  Someday...

At church today, our musical contributions went so much better.  Last week was a disaster - it is us, a 17 year old piano player and none of us our leaders.  We end up trying to follow each other, and last week it was so comical, I actually laughed... and then got in trouble from my poor offended husband.  I was more laughing at me than anyone else, but oh well.  I just can't get up over the C anymore - and so many church songs ask for D or even E. 

Well, time to go check on the rice and bean concoction I have simmering down there to go in the casserole....Have a good week, everyone!


From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

I haven't stopped by for awhile. This summer has been busy. Elderly parents and my daughter had a routine surgery so I was very busy seeing to her comfort. She is back to school in NH. and I just started back to school yesterday. I hope to catch up with your posts soon.

NancyDe said...

Hope everyone is feeling much better! I was kind of slow about posting in the summer...trying to get back into the groove.