Saturday, August 20, 2011

Moving Slow

It's a bit chilly and rainy this morning, and I chaperoned my first dance at the new school.  Very organized and quite well attended.  I was at the check in desk and the music was so loud I had trouble distinguishing between "Ka" and "Pa" and "Ta".  I sort of defaulted to the Ks,though, because of it being probably the most common initial to start a Hawaiian last name. 

I am fairly tired, though. 

I need to get cleaning, because one of my nephews is coming to stay for a bit, and the guest room could use a good freshening up.  I am a little concerned he accepted my facebook friend request but blocked me from his wall - haven't really said more than a few words to the young man in years, as he lives in another state and family gatherings tend to be LARGE, so you don't get to say more than a few words to members of the other generation - my kids have 26 cousins on that side of the family, ranging from still in elementary school up to in their thirties with a kid or two.  It would be nice to see who is going to visit.  I missed the most recent gathering because I started my new job (and I am still a bit cranky about it, too), but the one before that, I counted 52 family members in four generations in ONE ROOM.  Facebook spoils you; I guess I have to find out the old-fashioned way....

My goal for today, besides cleaning for the nephew, is to start some seeds to replace the peppers and tomatoes that are starting to run to the end of their lives, weed a little around the taro and the sweet potatoes, and start getting ready for the Cross Country season.  I semi-agreed to be team mom again, but even half-hearted means yes to a busy coach, so here I go.  There are a few tasks I could organize better than last year - the weekly snack and water thing, the potluck for the big Invitational race our school hosts, plus the course marshall recruiting.  I don't think there is a girls' mom this year, so that might things a bit harder this year. 

I am sure there are a few animal related chores that need doing - weekends are so short, I need to prioritize, which feels a little like putting out fires rather than actually accomplishing anything.

The good news is, although I still miss my oldest very much, our electric bill was $80 less this month.  I am sure it wasn't all her - we all went back to school and half the family was gone that one week, but still.  Teenaged girls take loooong showers and do lots of laundry, and in her case, use the computer and internet as a source of music and entertainment nearly 24-7.  It was bound to put a dent in the bill - and this was a rainy month, so not much in the way of solar. It might be even more during sunny months. 

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