Thursday, December 15, 2011


Sadly, not lambs - I don't know how I got her due date so wrong, and why she has to walk around looking imminently due, but that's how it goes.  Someday, soon, we'll have lambs - there are definitely at least two in there.  Minnie is enormous! I could feel what felt like hard little heads on each side of her last night, squirming around in there. 

The babies I am all excited about are the pumpkins.  I planted kabocha seeds eons ago, but since we've gotten over 2 feet of rain in the last couple of weeks (not even counting the month before that), I haven't been expecting any good results.  However, as I went out to peruse the garden, I saw little golf ball sized pumpkins.  I hope they don't rot - it should be drying up, sooner or later. 

We've had so much rain that trees are sagging on the side of the highway.  Even at school, one of the trees in a decorative island is falling - it isn't even on a hill.  The ground got so soggy, the roots just pulled right up.  The broccoli and chard bed is just gone - a river appears to have run through it.  The herbs, lettuce, and turnips are loving it.  The carrots are gone, but that was as sheep thing, not a rain thing. 

The sheep (as mentioned in an earlier blog) are looking like moldy cheese, and the hens look bedraggled and have almost stopped laying.  My clothes take five days to dry on the line under the deck and the Christmas cookies turn soggy almost immediately (at least the cut outs).  

Usually, though, we tend to have a bit of a dry spell, even a drought, in late December and January.  I am looking forward to it - not water catchment restrictions, but some sunshine and drier conditions would be lovely. 


Chai Chai said...

I never imagined Hawaii to be like that. The moldy sheep thing would be humerus if it wasn't so tragic.

NancyDe said...

I don't think it is hurting them at all - it is just the older wool on the outside. The inner wool somehow stays drier and they don't seem at all bothered.

We just live in a weird area of Hawaii - in a rainforest belt. Most of Hawaii isn't like where I live at all. The Big Island even gets snow - way at the top of the mountains. We have desert, rainforest and snow - all on the same island. Not to mention a volcano that has been pretty much continuously erupting since 1982.