Monday, December 19, 2011

I'm cold...

Don't all of you who live up north laugh at me (well, you can laugh, but behind your computer screens ;) ). It's raining again and it is dark and chilly. 

But on the good side - Vacation is finally here.  We had a lovely ceremony at school today with everyone in their dress uniforms, got out of school early, and came on home.  Monday is shopping day, but shopping is in the opposite direction from home, so we didn't go.  Shopping means feed, mostly, and a little milk and cheese, sometimes some fruit, but not much else.  Sometimes I will buy English muffins, if they are on sale, and if I was lazy the day before - like I was yesterday.

I ended up making six jars of lemon marmalade, but didn't bake and didn't start any seeds. 

It's so unpleasant, even our animals who are seasoned rainforest dwellers don't want to go out.  Everyone is holed up in their respective stalls and shelters.  Sounds like a good idea.  I am glad to be home. 

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