Sunday, December 18, 2011

Plans for the Day

I am soooo tired.  I always get this way at the end of a grading term; if it weren't the week before Christmas, I would love to sleep for most of the next week.  We do have one more half day of school tomorrow, anyway.  No sleeping for me.  We went to church last night, so I did sleep in today. 

Besides sleeping until I feel more human, I like to get deep cleaning done during school breaks.  Fortunately, this break, I have a motivated almost 14 year old to help.  He wants to earn money for a new desktop computer, so he sorted and bagged the recyclables, and as I write is scrubbing the siding on the house.  We've had so much rain that the dogs have been living on the deck and they rub on the white siding - it looks grimy.  There is some mold to deal with, too.  He wants to do the windows and the screens, too.  Hallelujah for capitalism.  It occurs to me that the reluctance to clean the bathroom for the common weal and the zeal to scrub the side of a whole house after 3 feet of rain is an object lesson in the relative merits of socialism and capitalism. 

Now I just have to get the 12 year old wanting something, and she can take care of the inside of the house...hmmmm....too bad she is a contented little soul who'd rather have time with her family.  In fact, in true Tom Sawyer fashion, I just noticed that she is out there helping her brother with the chore.  She helped him with the recyclables, too, now that I think about it.  She just wants to be where things are happening. 

Well, maybe not....she just came in and said, "Are you sure this job is only worth $20?"  I went out to try scrub some of the griminess and revised my work estimate up quite a lot.  They'll be out there for hours.  Sounds like her brother cut her a deal.  Smooth operator - she helped him with the recyclables (and easy fast job) for free to show him how much more fun it was to work with a partner. 

I plan to do my usual Sunday baking and to make lemon guava marmalade today.  Marmalade is a long process - not just the water bath canning, but also the whole cutting the lemons and cooking down of the marmalade.  While it is simmering, I might be able to get out into the greenhouse and get some seeds started.  I just pulled out a lot of old stuff, mostly tomatoes and eggplants and peppers.  I saved the tops and suckers from what was still green on the tomatoes and replanted those.  I need to repot some parsley and some jalapenos.  I can pull some taro and the turnips, but that might wait until Tuesday. 

I have to iron dress uniforms for tomorrow and do the usual Sunday laundry.  I should get to work instead of writing about it, for sure! 

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