Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Helicopter Mom Debate

My 17 year old says I am a helicopter mom.  (He did apologize for going a little far in that particular rant, but didn't retract the term).  I find myself feeling a combination of emotions - to some degree, really deep down, I find the whole argument absolutely hilarious, but at the same time there are closer to the surface layers of pain and well, irritation.  (If you looked on the darned website yourself, I wouldn't HAVE TO). 

So, anyway, me being me, I actually searched the web and found a quiz to reassure myself that I am not, in fact, a helicopter mom.  According to the College Board, I should "Stay The Course", because I am striking a balance between involvement and letting my child put his own foot in it and figure it out. 

Maybe I should print that result out, so I can wave it triumphantly in the young man's face?  Nah, probably not. 

Three more work days until Christmas Break.  I am sure the deep-down layer that finds all of this teenaged angst excruciatingly funny will come to the fore - once my finals are graded and I close up my office for the two week holiday.  

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