Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Mystery Seeds

I have a big plastic bag of seed packets.  I guess it got moved around some, and there was a handful of mystery seeds on the bottom which had fallen out of their labeled packets.  They weren't that mysterious - some kind of green, some kind of squash, and some kind of pepper, but since I have a few different varieties of each of those categories, that was as close as I got.

I planted some outside, where they will probably drown, but it was worth a try.  I planted the rest in newly cleared greenhouse pots with compost added to the homemade potting soil.  I will just have to see what comes up.

While digging in the garden in a desultory and exploratory way between rain showers, I discovered a large purple sweet potato!  I was pretty happy about that.  I found one lonely snap bean on the one half drowned snap bean vine, and pulled quite a few turnips.  Looks like an unusual stir fry for dinner tonight.  I will have to do more exploratory, careful digging in the sweet potatoes.  I am not ready to dig up the whole bunch and replant the slips, but it might be worth a little check around for more tubers.

It rained so constantly and in such high volume yesterday that we didn't let any of the animals out.  They were quite happy to run out the gate this morning.  The sheep didn't even bother to investigate the horse stall for dropped hay cubes.  The rain has been so pounding hard on our metal roofing that it is quite hard to sleep, so I am dragging around, starting chores and wandering to another one before I am completely done - kind of like that fog I remember from being pregnant - when I would walk into a room and forget why.  It's drier today - I hope it stays that way tonight, so I can sleep!


Pomaika`i said...

Aloha, Nancy (if I may use that appellation),
I applaud your dedication to your homesteading! I would have much preferred to have found a farmette-sized property 4 years ago when I decided to retire to Maui (delayed x 4 hard years). I have only a teeny set of 4 sq ft garden plots instead of real "acreage". It hasn't stopped me from daydreaming about "running a farm", thanks to such heart-inflaming blogs as "mauifarmlet.com" and da kine. You will undoubtedly find their hard-earned knowledge about meat chicken raising and processing (LOVE the whiz-bang chicken plucker!) of inestimable value in your poultry adventures!
Keep going strong, you have achieved much and much more is yet to come.

NancyDe said...

Mahalo nui, Pomaikaʻi. I would love a whiz bang plucker, for sure. My dad has a small lanai garden in the middle of Honolulu - we do what we can, where we can.