Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Standing Up

When I texted the following story to my friend on Oahu, all she said was, "Wow!  So not you!" 

Yesterday, I was shopping at Target for a Secret Santa gift for work.  When my youngest and I came out of the store, there was a family sitting on a bench outside of the store - a mom and dad and five teeny tiny beautiful children.  Dad was scolding - at first I thought he was scolding the kids to get them ready to walk around in Target - 5 kids under 6 or so can use reminders about how to behave sometimes. Then he started with the obscenities and I realized he was berating his wife. 

I walked past them, but stopped and muttered, "I can't let this one go. This is not right."  Being basically non-confrontational, I decided I would go into the store and find a security guard.  But when I walked by that mother and saw her crying, I stopped instead and asked her if she was okay.  She was embarrassed, I know, but it gave Dad a chance to take a breath. 

I told him that I had four kids and I remember how hard it was to go shopping with a bunch of tiny kids.  That my daughter and I would be so very happy to help them do their shopping.  He told me his wife had hit the curb with the cart and all the kids fell.  I looked at them: no one was bleeding or crying. He must have seen my glance, because he said, "Well, no harm was done." 

"I am glad," I said, "But your language was pretty strong there and you seem upset.  Take a breath."  He did seem calmer, but I hope I didn't cause more trouble for his wife later.  He thanked me and I went into the car and shook.   I really don't like confrontations.  At the very least, they could go home and talk about that nosy old woman (they were pretty darned young)  and find someone else to blame instead of each other.... 

In the meantime, Adobe products are kicking my behind.  I am trying to make e-Learning modules to post on our server and the Presenter ones are so boring, so I am making trying to make content on some of the Creative Suite products.  It's uphill going and my head hurts.  It's kind of like my farm - I have all these visions of where I want to be, but it is the learning curve that hurts. 


Chicago Transplant said...

Hi NancyDe,

Thanks for saying something. It's just so easy to walk by a situation like that. I think I might be one of those people who might just walk on by. (I'm getting better at picking up litter when I see it on the street, though!)

I think sometimes people forget about their humanity. Sometimes it takes a stranger to help them remember it.

I finished submitting grades today! I'll be flying home to Maui for three weeks tomorrow!

I hope the rest of the school year goes well for you.


NancyDe said...

Hey, CT - Congrats on turning in grades. I still have three days of finals to deal with! You are coming home into rain-rain-rain - not just here on the Big Island, but all over. They closed part of the H-1 yesterday because of flooding! Even Maui is getting its share - I hope it clears up for you. Speaking up is kind of not Hawaii, yeah - no make shame and all that...but I had to do it.