Thursday, December 22, 2011

Really, Rain, Rain Go Away

or at least, take a small break.  We had over 5 inches of rain in the last 24 hours. The 5 inch rain gauge was overflowing, so I don't have any idea of how much over it actually was.  I guess I need to get one of those 10 inch gauges. 

My husband and I did get out of the rain yesterday, because we headed over to Kona to Costco, but it was voggy and overcast, but it was warm and dry.  We talked on the 5 hour round trip about concentrating on more food self-sufficiency.  We both grew up in suburban areas, but I am more ready to start processing our own live stock, so I told him I would like to start with meat chickens and get serious about finding a butcher for our larger animals (I don't have anywhere to hang or age a 150 lb sheep).  It will be my job to do the first batch of chickens, I am sure. 

I would like to get some milk animals, too.  The sheep didn't work out in that department and they wouldn't give that much in any case.  I would love to have a Dexter cow, but goats are much more affordable and easier to immediately house.  The weekly shopping I do, outside of the every three month staples (50lb sacks of flour, big box store sized oil, etc), is mostly dairy products: butter, milk, cheese.  We bake our own bread and grow most of our vegetables.  I do buy apples, which don't grow here easily and, one of my last suburban holdouts, cereal.  Having our own milk and cheese, after a learning curve, would save me quite a lot, even taking feed and animal care into account. 

To help afford these plans (including better fencing), I am applying for online tutoring jobs to do at night.  Unfortunately, our bills reflect a two-income past, and we're working on a one-income present, so to move forward (or even to make it right now) I need a bit more.  Frankly, I am tired just thinking about working another 10-15 hours a week, plus learning to milk and make cheese, but needs must.  Now that I am over the worst of the adjustment (I hope) at my new job, hopefully, I will be able to be more active in the greenhouse and with the animals.  I have let too many things slide. 

I am guessing we've had close to 100 inches of rain in the past 2+ months, so at least I can cut myself some slack for the outdoor garden, but I have no excuse for the greenhouse! 


RAILBIRD said...

Better start building that ark!

NancyDe said...

Won't need an ark - will need hip boots, though, at this rate - sinking deeper and deeper in sloppy mud every time I go out to feed.