Sunday, March 25, 2012

Blech - Horrible Cold

I guess all that worry and traveling back and forth (I knew that coughing person on the plane was bad news) got me sick.  It's just a cold, but I feel horrible!  Actually, it was a lot worse yesterday (fever); today is just a head cold. 

It probably doesn't help that it has been pouring and pouring.  I really can't remember another 6 month period where we had more rain - at least in the last 16 years.  There is a guy in the maintenance staff at school who's lived here all his life and he said some time in the sixties it was a lot worse.  We have a metal roof, like everyone on catchment, and the rain has been veritably pounding on it for hours.  We also had a small earthquake, but that's not very unusual. 

I feel bad for the sheep and the horses because although they have a roof, the water has been seeping up through the rocks under their flooring (and in the sheep's case, flowing in from outside).  They have increasingly smaller dry areas.  It bothers the sheep less - maybe because they have wool coats - they go out and graze.  The horses have just stayed in all day for the last two days.  I guess it saves them from rain rot. 

It's chilly, too.  Not cold like many of you - just in the upper 50s, low 60s, but we don't have heating, so it's in the 60s in our house, too.  I made broccoli and potato chowder just to warm up.  Even doing that, which isn't hard work, just chopping and stirring, made me tired, so I gave up on the whole wheat rolls I was thinking to make with them.  I will just have to make biscuits at dinner time. 

We went to church at the church we started out at when we first moved here.  We'd switched to the bigger church downtown when our kids were in Confirmation classes and the like, but we decided to try to go back there.  Everyone remarks at how big the kids have gotten - it's kind of funny, because all THEIR kids have gotten big, too.  Like mine would stay small?  And then today - and I don't know how to take this - one lady said, "And, wow, they are so well behaved!  Not like before. And wait, didn't you have four?"  I just smiled and told her our daughter was in college. 

But inside, I was thinking, "My kids were never particularly ill-behaved - certainly no more than your girls! Why wouldn't they be well behaved?  They're all TEENAGERS!"  It just seemed so odd.  One of her daughters is a classmate of my third kid (and I was her husband's classmate back in the day).  I am sure she didn't mean anything, but I just thought it was so odd to remark on the behavior of nearly adult people.  I do promise you, beyond the age of about 2, my kids did know how to behave in church!  Even the difficult one ;).   

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Pomaika`i said...

I am delighted at your good news with the biopsy - now you can "Thrive!" - Kaiser leads the country in many aspects of preventive care, and they are serious about improving that for the foreseeable future. [I once said in a strategy meeting in the early eighties that we should teach our members not just to survive, but to - yup - THRIVE.]
As for the inconsiderate congregant, you wisely kept your cool.Ah, the elders had manners; we sometimes remember to emulate them, but you showed character when your kids were "critiqued". She must have skipped that class when she was a keiki.
My advice for that bug you got (the passenger probably passed it to you, since the aerosolization from coughing remains in the air longer in that situation)is to take a glass of organic cider vinegar and honey as a "tonic" at bedtime. Sounds worse than it tastes, but my wife swears by it.