Sunday, March 4, 2012

Lambs and Painting

We painted a fence today - well part of a fence, because it is actually sunny.  Although I blogged a few days ago about a brief appearance of sun, that was down in Keaau - not up here in Gloomwood.  My husband wanted to grab the opportunity, so we used up what white paint we had to paint the rail fence.  There is a hog wire mesh fence behind it, but just so it looks nice, my husband put up a post and rail type fence.  So far we have 9 out of 15 sections painted, but we ran out of paint. 

Probably because I got so much on my hands, face, and hair.  I am so clumsy sometimes.  I know the youngest got a lot of that from me, because she is always dropping things, too.  I think it just may be genetic. 

The lambs are doing well.  I am trying to give them supplemental bottles because there are three of them and only two teats, but they don't like the formula much.  I just can't get milk out of my sheep with their tiny teats - it's like trying to milk with your index finger and thumb.  The two black lambs are so small, they can actually walk right under Audrey - I have never seen lambs that tiny.  They are running around and chasing chickens, so they are pretty strong, but teeny tiny. I feel like I have to go check on them all the time.  We are keeping Audrey in with them for a few days, because the pasture is big and they need to learn to follow her a bit more before they go out.  They have a small grazing patch and room to run around in the sheep pen - we only lock them in the lambing pen/Ram stall (depending on who needs it) at night. 

I hope it stays sunny for several days - not only does it give us a break on our electricity, but it will dry up the pasture a bit so the lambs have an easier time of it when we do let them out with the flock.  Plus, it's just nice to see bright colors instead of the gray which seems to mute the color of the grass, even. 


Ruth @ Hope, Joy and Faith Farm said...

Congrats on the new babies. Gee, I thought the sun was out at least once a day in Hawaii? We haven't had our normal amount of rain here in Oregon, but I'm still so tired of the mud. I keep checking the sheep for foot rot. Can't wait to see more pictures.

NancyDe said...

We're not in a very tropical part of Hawaii - up slope means lots of rain and cool temperatures. Most of Hawaii is in USDA zone 11, we're more like 10, like California - although with a LOT more rain.