Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Nothing Profound to Say

Every evening when I get home from work, I check on the triplets and try to give them a little bit of a supplemental bottle.  Since there are three of them, we're keeping them in with Audrey and feeding her three meals (please remember, dear husband!).  I pick her a good armful of fresh green grass after she eats her concentrates.  Even the teeny tiny ewe lamb is picking up weight and they are all skittering around the sheep pen. 

The weather is still wet - not as wet as Oahu and Kauai this week, but wet enough.  I am hesitant to let them out after the usual three getting-to-know-you days I usually give a ewe and her newborns.  I'd like to wait until at least 5 days - which is tomorrow.  It will depend on the weather, as well.  The worrywart in me goes into overdrive the first week or two after a lambing. And in this batch of triplets, one lamb was normal sized and two were tiny.  I swear, the small ewe lamb only weighed about 2-3 lbs.  I don't have a good scale, so I can't back up the claim, but she felt about half the weight of a normally sized newborn. 

I'll need to transplant some tomato seedlings in the greenhouse this spring break.  I also want to start some new containers of lettuce.  If we do, by some miracle, get a day or two of sun, I'd like to get into the outside garden and turn that all over.  My birthday is coming up, so I have informed my kids that will be their birthday present to me - helping turn over the soil in a big garden.  My older son declares that he would much rather buy me a present; my reply was, "Too bad.  What I want is nice, clean weed-free planting space." 

Unfortunately, I have to head over to Oahu for some medical tests next week, which breaks up the work time.  The fortunate thing is being able to see my daughter and my parents (can't wait to see my dad's container garden on his lanai), but on the other hand, I have a common teacher flaw of saving the really deep cleaning for breaks - and believe me, my house and tack/feed room need attention in a bad way.

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