Monday, March 19, 2012

More Tests, More Waiting

What I don't get is that my HMO sent me to Oahu last week.  I made it a two day visit because, what the heck, might as well see my kid and work through financial aid stuff with her.  I also kind of thought if they found something on Thursday that would give me Friday to do any follow up. 

Well, of course, that would be too sensible.  Instead, I spent the weekend playing what if movies in my head and called first thing in the morning today.  The woman in the Breast Care Team (kind of think the "team" is just her - but I could be wrong) told me she was planning to call me today and that I needed a biopsy.  I asked about doing it here on this island - I happen to know my sister-in-law who did have breast cancer was biopsied here - but was told that wasn't possible.  She was looking at appointments and told me, "Well, the one tomorrow morning at 8:45 is too early, and my next one isn't until March 30."  (!).  I told her I would take my chances with the travel department and to just book me for that 8:45 - there wasn't any way I was going to sit around for nearly two more weeks worrying!  Actually, with the four day wait for the labs and a weekend in there, the whole wait would be more like three weeks. 

Anyway, I fly out at 6:00 am tomorrow - which means I have to get up at about 3:30 or 4:00 (which means, Railbird, somewhere in the afternoon I am going to pass out on your couch).  I fly in, get picked up by my dad, drive to Waipahu (! - if they can do this is Waipahu - why can't they do this in Hilo????) do this scary (hate, hate, hate needles if they are pointing toward me - somehow I am fine giving injections to horses and sheep) test.  I made my flight home at 7 pm, because it was just easier with my dad's car situation - the choice was rush in and out or come in, spend some time with Dad and go home when he gets a car again....  Since I am already going to be missing my classes tomorrow, might as well spend some time with Dad. 

It's a little frustrating because tomorrow is the first day of a new grading period and I had to get a substitute.  The kids are going to either be asleep or wired after a long break (asleep because they have all probably been sleeping in all week; wired because they are back with their friends).  I really like to put the fear of God into the class on the first day of a new term.  I guess I will have to wait until the second day of a new term to be scary. 

Please keep those positive thoughts and prayers rolling.  I know this is a super-common phenomenon, but I think having my sister-in-law having had breast cancer - it just feels more possible, somehow.  I do spend most of the time thinking this is more humbug than anything else, and probably nothing, but every so often.....well, I get a little scared. 


Chai Chai said...

I think a little scared is not a bad thing, it keeps you thinking and planning. It is certainly better than denial, when in that frame of mind anything other than great news can lead to despair.

I'll keep praying if you keep posting!

NancyDe said...

I will keep posting :)! Thanks for the prayers!

Deb said...

Nanc, I did it again, emailed you before reading your need to answer.
Sending caring thoughts your way !

NancyDe said...

Deb, too late - I already answered. :)

Stacy Davis said...

Keeping you and your whole family in my thoughts.

Kelly said...

Hi, sorry to hear about the waiting thing. I agree with you about do it now. You will be in my prayers. Much Love and Prayers coming your way.