Monday, March 21, 2011

Crazy Horse Ride

Decided to put my various "To Do" lists on hold and take a ride.  My paint gelding is somewhat sound, which is its own kind of miracle, and I bought an extra pad and a new bridle for Gib.  I decided my husband and I were going to ride.  I had two hours before we had to leave to pick up 11 year old from her Makali'i field trip (more on that later) and take 16 year old to driver's ed - I figured it was plenty of time.

Well, it took some time to get the tack just right.  Gib has the weirdest back, especially when he is scared and his head is straight up and it hollows out his back.  Then, I had to wash their legs, because it has been pouring in true rainforest fashion.  Gib also has a smallish head, so I had to poke a new hole so the head stall would fit (well, my husband had to help).  He also has issues with pulling and not much in the way of aids - just kick and pull.  Definitely need to work on that - might just through the dressage saddle on him for closer contact.  I did buy a copper snaffle to help him lighten up a bit.

Well, with all of that, and the desensitizing I need to do every time I mount, I had 10 minutes to ride.  I was hard put to find a good place to stop, because he was pulling and and trying to run out almost the whole time.  Some cowboy taught him to do rollbacks rather forcefully - I get the feeling that his experience of riding is run full out and spin around for someone's joy ride.  Poor guy.

We'll work on it.

Now, the eleven year old's Makali'i experience!  The Makali'i  (info here) is a replica voyaging canoe.  My youngest joined up a school organization to be "crew".  They went out to Kawaihae for the weekend to learn some Hawaiian culture and protocol, and hopefully to sail.  They didn't actually make the sailing this time, because it was too windy, but they seemed to have a blast, based on how tired she was when we picked her up.  Their enthusiastic and brave teacher is taking this group of 12 middle schoolers frequently on this two hour one way drive to have this opportunity.  My daughter mumbled something about "sailing Friday or Saturday or something", so I guess this is an ongoing idea.  Hmm, seems the 11 year old has caught the teenage "tell mom as little as possible until the last possible moment" disease a little early....the perils of having older siblings!  I figure the teacher will eventually send me email....

Today, I need to pull out my kalo and pressure cook the corms and cook and freeze the lau (leaves).  I am only pulling out one variety.  The other one is okay with grass and being left in the ground.  It is a varietal that was used in time of famine and left to grow on its own until needed.  This yellow one is a little more fussy.

I am also planning to ride again - only this time, the eleven year old gets to ride poor Ohia.  I hope everyone is having a lovely spring day!


Kelly said...

Please be careful. I am too old to get dumped so I don't ride anymore. I have to work and can't be laid up. I miss riding so much.

NancyDe said...

I am too old to get dumped, also. However, I feel pretty good about this horse, he's just confused. No bucking or rearing, which is nice.