Sunday, March 6, 2011

Gardening between rain drops.

I worked in the small garden today.  I have some kalo (taro) in there, which I left alone, one lonely turnip (I pulled all the rest, but this one wasn't ready) and a few sad, not growing beets and some garlic.  I cleared out some grass, tried to rescue what got mostly drowned in our downpour yesterday, added some compost - and it started to rain.  Huge drops that felt like hail.  

In between rain showers, I managed to plant more beets, radish, carrots, collards, kale, bok choy, and kai choy.  I also put some cucumbers out there, but I am definitely going to have to train them to climb the fence, just because of the lack of room.  I threw some old marigold seeds out there, just in case they grew, and put in some green onions.  

I actually wanted to pull that taro out and start the new hulis (baby taro), but the rain makes it a less attractive chore.  Also, I remembered I don't have any chicken in the freezer, and I am not about to give up any of my hens (!) just yet, so picking all the lau (leaves) would be premature.  Too bad, chicken luau sounds good for tonight.  

As I was working in there, my shepherd mix (the world's stupidest dog) jumped the fence, so now I know who the digger is.  Darn dog.  

I noticed that there were quite a number of ripe guava on the tree.  They don't keep well, and I don't have time to make jam, so I picked them and fed them to the chickens.  I also have a lot of lemons and a few tangerines out there.  The tangerines aren't quite ripe, and lemons keep on the tree indefinitely, so I won't pick them until I need them.  Maybe I will make lemon chicken next week, or lemon pound cake again.

I hope everyone had a happy Sunday!   


Grandpa said...

Busy lady, as usual. And whadaya know, I just wrote something about guava! And you know something else? I'm going to write about them Lemon we are on the same wavelength there, I would say.

NancyDe said...

Grandpa, I was actually thinking of you as I picked the same wavelength indeed. I have never had as much citrus as this year - up at my altitude, citrus takes a long time to grow. We planted most of them about 13-14 years ago!