Thursday, March 17, 2011

Japan Evacuation and Garden Hopes

Just got word that my step-brother and step-cousin are being evacuated out of Japan.  That's good news.

Pretty scary situation.

We are doing a big spring clean and re-stocking of the shelves, and it is pretty scary here, too.  I have eleven people coming over in two hours and my kitchen still looks like a Costco bomb hit it.  Feeling a little desperate, but my husband works at his own pace - he always gets it perfect, but it takes much longer than slapdash me would wish...but I really need to make cinnamon biscuits and ham and cheese muffins!

Haven't done much in the garden.  I am hoping that next week will be garden week.  The compost pile near the barn is a ways away from the garden, and I don't feel like wheelbarrowing it myself, so I am planning to elicit help. The new garden needs a heavy layer of finished compost before I can start the beans and corn.

I bought asparagus seeds, but they need an extended dry period, so their permanent bed will need to go in the greenhouse, I guess - or maybe up above the lava rock wall and I can cover it partially with the greenhouse, and partially with plastic as needed.

It's time to worm the sheep again, as well, but first I need to get the cupboards packed up.  We literally pulled everything out of every cupboard so the new stuff can go in behind the old stuff, and because it is Spring and the cupboards need to be wiped down.  Every surface, including the floor is covered, and it is starting to drive me nuts.  I have this urge to shove everything into the nearest cupboard in whatever order it happens to land, but my husband does have a point.  An ordered, planned out stocking of the shelves will make life a lot easier....well, they do say opposites attract!

I NEED to bake!


Kelly said...

So glad you all are safe. Our hearts and prayers go out to our neighbors in Japan in this horrible time. Listen to your husband in this;)

NancyDe said...

Kelly, I am just blown away by all of what is coming out of Japan. Prayers going out, indeed!

It took two days, but mostly everything got put away before my guests came! I even was able to bake some ham and cheese and cinnamon and sugar biscuits in time, too.

Leigh said...

Nancy my heart goes out to you. Having relatives in Japan must be very scary indeed. What a relief for you to know they're safe.

I can so relate to your cupboard chore. I'm a terrible one to shove everything in to any cupboard, closet, drawer and worry about it later! LOL.