Sunday, March 27, 2011

Nice Visit with an Old Friend

I let the 16 year old drive to his Confirmation class and back.  He needs to rack up 50 hours of driving before he can try for his license.  It was pouring (of course) when we were driving down, so I had a few ballistic mom events (along the "brake, Brake, BRAAAAKE!" lines) on the way down, but he was just about perfect on the way home, thankfully for my nerves.

I even let him drive down the driveway without me, because I spied old Henry, the man who keeps his cows across the street.  Our friendship has been cultivated over the past 15 years as I took my walks (pre-farm, pushing various baby strollers and pregnant a lot) and he visited his cows.  I haven't seen him in a long time, though, although I have been thinking about him.

It was nice to have a quick visit.  He and his grandson were fixing up his chute and small pen in preparation for hauling off his wean-offs to the feed lot up in Waimea.  He says they are getting over 90 cents a lb!  I wish I had a bit more land to run some beef cows on.  When he pulls his calves, I always feel so sad for the mommas, calling for their babies all night long.

Henry has been promising to come down my driveway and see my place for a decade and a half.  Today, he apologized, saying he always feels a bit shame to come unannounced.  I told him no worries, but do come sometime.  So he says he'll bring me some lau lau when he has them made (pork, butterfish, and taro leaves, wrapped in ti leaves and steamed - the closest thing to heaven to come out of an imu, if you ask me).  We'll see, but it was sure nice to catch up and talk story a bit.

Sometimes, I forget that there are some awfully nice people in the world.  A few days ago, my oldest walked to the store where she works, and noticed a number of police cars at the park nearby.  Someone had been stabbed - it was in the middle of the day!  It makes you wonder about the crazy people who live out here in Puna.  And then there is a visit with Henry and his polite and helpful grown grandson to remind you that people are mostly good and kind.


From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

There are a lot of nice people in the world. People who do kind deeds and say kind words.

Grandpa said...

I agree - most people are good and kind. But the havoc the few bad ones cause can give pretty massive heartaches.

That's a young age to be granted a licence. Our minimum is 18. Looks like your young man has no problem driving, and will enjoy his new skill.

All my boys can drive well fortunately. In fact my second son is a racing driver and a certified BMW driving trainer.

NancyDe said...

Well, Grandpa, when I was a child, you could get your license at 15 - which seems ridiculously young now. In Hawaii, kids between 16-18 can get provisional licenses, which means they can't drive after a certain time at night, can't have kids who aren't their siblings after 7 pm, and other rules like that. It is mostly so they can drive to school and to practices and such. I think he will be quite a careful driver once he gets a feel for the car. I worry more about the other drivers - we have some incredibly bad and rude drivers here on the Big Island.

Yes, FBMKW, I agree. People are mostly kind, unfortunately, there are enough of the other kind near my home that make the "massive heartaches" Grandpa talks about a bit more likely.

Renee's Reality said...

Thank you for posting this. Isn't it crazy how time goes by so fast that we lose touch with people that at one time were so wonderful to us. I'm glad you were able to catch up. :)