Thursday, March 3, 2011

Volcano Glow

We came home late-ish (after dark) last night after picking up a son from his Wednesday night activity, and I could see the glow from Pu'u O'o.  Although Kilauea has been erupting pretty much continuously since 1982, we don't actually always see it.  We're several miles from the vent, but often the flow runs through tubes down to the ocean. It's been rare that we can see the glow above the trees.  On one memorable occasion we visited a neighbor to look at the fountains of lava through telescopes and binoculars.  That was actually pretty cool.

Halemaumau crater began erupting again in the last year or two, and apparently, there is a fairly large lava lake, but you can't see it well from Jagger Museum, and the road around the crater has been closed quite a long time because of the sulfur and other dangerous gases.

This year we've had a lot more in the way of variable winds/light winds, which means we have been getting more vog.  This is part of the reason we needed to build the greenhouse - to keep the acid rain off our fruiting plants, like tomatoes and peppers, etc.  The cabbages and greens seem to do just fine in the acid.

Today, I hope to get a bunch of seeds started after I finish my work paperwork.  We have a prep day today, for which I am grateful!  Report cards are due and many other forms, plus all the prep work involved in starting new classes.  But the garden is a huge second priority.

My youngest daughter is going to help maintain an outrigger canoe this weekend.  She has to be at school at 6:40 am and will return at 8 pm.  Quite a long day - I need to make some "baked goods" as my potluck contribution.  I was thinking Portuguese Sweet Bread: I will at least use up some of the bounty of eggs I have in the fridge.


From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

I know you are use to it, but having a volcano so close seems a little nerve racking to me. Portuguese Sweet Bread is a favorite of mind. Love it toasted with butter. I could eat it for breakfast, lunch and supper.

NancyDe said...

Yup, I love Portuguese Sweet Bread, too. We are used to the Volcano - and we are also uphill, which makes a difference. I feel bad for the people down in Kapoho....

NancyDe said...

No wonder I saw a glow! The crater floor at Halemaumau collapsed - it even made the national news. Pretty cool. Wish I could have seen the fountains, but they are downhill and out of view from my house. The good news is the flow near the ocean (and homes) has been redirected, so no one is in danger.