Monday, March 7, 2011

It Absolutely Never Fails

As soon as I plant seeds, every single time, it starts to pour.  My poor seeds, I am afraid they will drown or at least wash down the slight slope in the garden (I did argue against the orientation and placement of that garden!) and bunch up at the bottom, which has happened in the past.

Every time I work the garden, I try to level it a little more, and the bigger, new garden was dug into the side of the hill and made level, but we really need to add some compost as the top soil was necessarily disturbed in that task.

I am looking forward to Spring Break!


Daphne said...

We like the rain more than the snow! How does the rain affect the vog?

NancyDe said...

The vog gets washed down in the rain - so the air is clear, but the rain is acid. It eats the paint on your cars, and presumably makes our soil acid (I add lime and mulch banana leaves and stalks to combat this).

I wonder, sometimes, what it does to our teeth, using catchment water.

Chai Chai said...

Interesting note about the acidic rain. What could you plant that would grow well in acidic soil? Blueberry bushes?

NancyDe said...

I would like to try low chill blueberries! Cabbages and greens do very well in my garden - of all types: collards, bok choy, kai choy, lettuce...and turnips and daikon have done well. Black beans do okay - but tomato and strawberry, not so well, nor corn, unfortunately (but that might be lack of sun more than acidic soil).