Wednesday, March 16, 2011

On a Lighter Note, or Hawaii Comedy

I have been rather consumed by the tsunami and it's aftermath.  It is all too close to home for those who live in Hawaii, particularly in Hilo!

Today, I had a break from the sadness and worry... two breaks really.  The first came in the morning, when my ram, Elvis, got his head stuck in the horse bucket and ran out into the pasture until he could dislodge it. I really wish I had had my camera.  He just tried to butt me, so I considered this payback - even though it means I need to go out there and get the bucket later.

The second was my daughter finding this video of one of our favorite local comedians, Frank DeLima:

We were so fortunate here, and this video pokes gentle fun about what we tend to buy when the tsunami comes, or the dock workers strike, or a hurricane heads our way.....

I can't help but transpose the images from Japan to here, and my heart is aching for them, not only because I can see the images on the news, but because my imagination puts our own past tsunami over our present town.  It brings it home in a very deep way.  I have heard the stories of the 1946 and 1960 earthquakes here from our kupuna, and it makes it more immediate.


Chai Chai said...

Nancy - I saw a show on the animal channel yesterday about wild pigs in Hawaii. They said that pigs are on every island and they are highly dangerous. Do you have wild pigs in your area?

NancyDe said...

Yup, we have them here. They can be so darned destructive! We had a dog who would go out and hunt them on his own, and I have seen them crossing the road when I go for a walk. They can be dangerous, but mostly they run away if you come near them. Someone who lived near me made pets of a mama and her babies - feeding them dog food, of all things. They would show up every day looking for their snack and let you pet them.

We don't have pig sign on our land - maybe because we're fenced all around, maybe because of the dogs, not sure why - but it is nice that they don't get into my garden!

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

The sirens must make everyone rather nervous when they begin to sound. It;s so true about loading up on non perishables. A nice bit of comic relief always lightens the mood.

NancyDe said...

We're so out in the boonies (and too far from the ocean for a tsunami) that I can't even hear the sirens; we can't even hear them if there is a hurricane coming, either, which is a little bit of a bummer - but until there is a hurricane, we at least still have power to listen to the radio.

However, I have heard the sirens when we lived on Oahu. It is an eerie sound. When we were hit with Iniki in 1992, the sirens sounded early in the morning and woke us up.

If there is any whiff of shipping getting cut (strike, hurricane, tsunami) people are at the store, buying out the tp, water, and canned goods, and at the gas station, filling up. LInes that are hours long.... I am sure Friday morning was no exception, but I am never in those lines (I figure, I have catchment, and if I am low on tp, we'll figure out something)....I think it was the last tsunami (last February), my stepdad was in the store for three hours at a very early time in the morning.